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Positive Movement Together

Now is the time to make a positive movement together — one of solidarity and sacrifice. For generations throughout history, people have been making sacrifices. Today, we are being asked to make ours. If you don’t like what’s being done, let’s talk about it later. Right now we need to come together for a collective good. Your local government is taking necessary precautions — to keep people safe and to avoid overwhelming our health care system. Before ruling this out as a hoax or panic, I encourage you to read three different news and scientific sources. Expand your current perspective and do some research. We are in a pandemic. Roughly 7,000 people have died across the world, and a lot more will. For the love of all things human, show compassion, kindness, and understanding. Perhaps reach out to a friend you need to reconnect with — via phone. This is a time to come together as Kansans, as Americans. We are lucky to still have time to respond. Take a quick look at Italy. Things will be exponentially worse if we don’t make sacrifices now. We are being asked to stay at home with our families. I don’t know about you, but if I could I would reconnect with my family, because we desperately need time together. I would practice my guitar that’s been neglected for the past two years. These are a few personal things I can think of that would enrich my life. What can you do to enrich yours during this time? How can we find good in this situation? What can we do to reconnect? And that scenario is for those of us fortunate enough to be in that situation. What about the homeless population who, during every flu season, are concerned because they don’t have a place to get better? They have to fight their infection on the street. My heart aches for those most affected by this, and I am doing what I can to take care of the people I am physically and financially able to take care of. Are you? How are you making this situation one of solidarity? Where’s that American spirit we used to have — that American pride we have as a nation? We must fight this together. The public servants making decisions in this community are working together. They are truly impressive people. Many have spent their entire careers serving the public. They have spent a great deal of time training and preparing for this. Feel confident that your local officials are making emergency decisions, following recommendations, and taking the lead when necessary. The decisions made over the past few days have been in cooperation with a team of highly educated leaders who are informed, capable and doing their best to take the most responsible action. They’re making decisions to ensure the safety and well-being of every person in Sedgwick County. I’ll say it again: Now is the time to come together. Now is a time for solidarity and sacrifice. For generations throughout history, people have made sacrifices. Now it’s our turn.

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