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The Power of a Positive Mind

Today is a special day. Not just because it's a Friday and I have a show tonight (Elbow Room with Letter to Memphis. 9pm) but it is the day my baby will enter her middle school for the last time. It's also been exactly one month since my house was robbed. But back to the positive...

It seems like just yesterday that my baby girl was playing dress up in my cap and gown. Her beautiful smile and witty sense of humor has always made me happy and that is what I'll focus on.

I could focus on all the bad. I could focus on all the crap that keeps happening but what good would that do?

You see, over the past couple months, my life has been hell. A nightmare of sorts. You know the one ... you think Freddy Krueger is under your bed so you tuck your head, feet, entire body under the covers hoping they will shield you from his Freddy fingers. I'm still not able to watch those movies and I'm a grown adult.

One month ago today April, 20th my daughters and I came home from picking up Bayleigh at her art class. In less than 30 mins our home was ransacked and robbed. I knew something was wrong the minute I pulled in the drive way. The blinds to my office were jacked up, my front door was wide open, my screen door was ajar because of the welcome mat.

I ran inside, not even thinking about safety or taking any precautions ... I didn't know what do to. I just knew that I had to check it out.

My computer, my guitars, my tv, my bedroom in complete disarray. I ran back outside to see my neighbor causally tending to her flower bed. I asked her if she saw anything and she said that she saw the whole thing but thought it was one of my friends. She said because I was a musician and she sees people coming and going all the time she wasn't sure what do to.

Luckily she did have cameras on her house that allow to retrieve some footage of the jerks who violated my home. More on that later.

Back to Bayleigh ... She is beautiful inside and out and I'm lucky to be her mom. I'll keep pushing on, taking care of my girls. That's all I can do.

Oh and ask for prayer. Thank in advance :)

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