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“For years, I used my voice as a singer and a songwriter to captivate audiences and share my passion for motivating and inspiring people across the United States.

As County Commissioner, I’m using my voice to show the path forward to a complete redesign of how our government serves its citizens. When you take care of human behavioral needs, the community will see a rise in economic development and growth. The numbers do not lie.

Economic Development is about business, but it’s mostly about people. Quality of place should be a staple for every neighborhood in this county.

Our criminal justice and behavioral health systems must be outcome-driven and inclusive of different ideas. Until we start spending money to move the needle toward better outcomes, the revolving door will keep citizens trapped, crime rates high, and the government more costly to fund.

My first term as Sedgwick County Commissioner showed me the status quo has never worked for everyone equally. But, my first term also showed me how to improve it, and that’s what I will do when re-elected this November."


Meet Lacey

Lacey Cruse is a first-term County Commissioner for the 4th District of Sedgwick County, KS, covering the north-central part of Kansas’ second-largest county. Cruse was elected to the Sedgwick County Commission in November 2018 and began serving in January 2019.

Cruse was born and raised in the small southeast Kansas town of Parsons. After finishing high school and graduating from Labette Community College in 2006, she and her family moved to Sedgwick County. As a married mother of a four-year-old daughter, Cruse enrolled at Wichita State University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in Electronic Media from the Elliott School. Soon after graduating, Cruse launched her professional communications career, welcomed her second daughter, and bought a home in the Sherwood Glen neighborhood of north Wichita.


Before entering politics, her private sector communications career spanned more than a decade in the field of senior care. Locally, Cruse managed marketing, sales, and branding efforts for industry leaders like Legend Senior Living, Kindred Hospice, and Via Christi Villages at Georgetown. In 2013, Lacey led the charge to brand Compass Pointe Health Care System based in Baltimore, Maryland. After being promoted to Corporate Director of Brand Management, she led the branding launch of 72 Senior Living residences consisting of Independent and Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled nursing facilities spanning 17 states. This massive effort included a portfolio of 1.3 trillion dollars in assets with annual revenues of 613 million dollars annually.

With her experience handling large-scale budgets, Cruse was able to step into her role as County Commisioner with a clear understanding of the need to spend money effectively and efficiently. She has proven to be a fierce advocate for redesigning our entire system, top to bottom because the status quo of operating this system is too costly for the current outcomes shown.

Curse set the example that to be a leader in this space, you have to get in and ask those doing the work what should change. She has spent most of her time as a commissioner, not as a figurehead showing up for photo ops, but as a leader asking and listening to find real solutions. Commissioner Cruse has focused on acute community needs, including improving behavioral and mental health resources, addiction recovery access, expanding economic development efforts, and strengthening community partnerships.

Lacey believes that we are all uniquely designed, and we must embrace the talents of others. Individual strengths working alone may have perceived power, but unique strengths working together create a collective impact.

As an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter, Cruse still performs regularly throughout Sedgwick County. She considers music her therapy and keeps it at the forefront of her mental wellness practice as she serves the more than 540,00 citizens of Sedgwick County.


Commissioner Cruse is a creative and visionary thinker. She can see the path to a future in Sedgwick County, where our jails are manageable and homeless individuals are housed. She can see a future where those suffering from addiction are well and working and the term mental wellness is the norm for children and adults alike.

As a young single mother of two young daughters, Cruse was inspired to run for elected office to:

  • Shift the system of the “status quo” to one of embracing a more efficient way to run our government.

  • Represent women and support minorities, and marginalized voices.

  • Improve our community’s quality of life by embracing and working for all cultures and differences.

  • Fight for senior citizens and the challenges that come with aging.

  • Lift young people’s voices and retain young talent.


“It is time our local officials realize that every dollar spent to maintain current systems is a missed opportunity to reduce the price of government for all taxpayers. Politicians have to stop perpetuating a system and start implementing system-wide change with every dollar allocated.”


Cruse currently serves on multiple volunteer boards including:


Past board appointments:

District 4 Citizens Advisory Board

Please join District 4 Commissioner Lacey Cruse, for a Citizens' Advisory Board meeting and coffee at 6pm, the second Monday of each month. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you have questions, please contact Commissioner Cruse

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