JOBS: Entrepreneurship and infusion of business and ideas will be the catalyst for a booming economy in Sedgwick County. We need to continue to invest in new business and cultivate existing organizations to bring revenues here. Must retain businesses like Pizza Hut, White Castle, Safelite, Coleman and others who have left.

CRIME: Lacey wants to work to build positive relationships between law enforcement and the residents of Sedgwick County. Lacey wants to be able to provide first responders with the appropriate resources and income to serve the citizens of Sedgwick County to meet their needs. As violent crime has increased it is important to protect the citizens.

MENTAL HEALTH: Mental Health is a pervasive issue throughout our community. Sedgwick County Commissioners are responsible for the Sedgwick County Health Department. Lacey Cruse is committed to asking questions and funding initiatives that will better serve our community members struggling with health issues and life in general.

SENIOR SERVICES: Lacey is very committed and extremely passionate about engaging and supporting our seniors. They have a wealth of knowledge and experiences the younger generation can use in our daily life. They have given so much in their lifetime they deserve funding to provide an active Senior Center.

INCLUSION: Lacey believes the peoples' voices shall be heard. Lacey wants to represent the people, not tell them what to do. Whether it is a neighborhood issue or a business issue people need to be able to voice their ideas and concerns which affect them.