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Creative | Keynote Speaker | Thought-Leader | Advocate | Songwriter | Musician


As a visionary creative leader, I pride myself on being an innovative thinker who isn't afraid to break the mold when necessary. 

Professional Experience: 


County Commissioner | Sedgwick County Government | Jan 2018 - Jan 2023

• Led county functions as one of five chief executive officers, overseeing a $2 billion budget for property tax and non-property tax funds.
• Developed and implemented policies and procedures that aligned with county goals and objectives.
• Supervised county departments and staff, including hiring, training, and performance management.
• Ensured compliance with state and federal regulations and monitored the progress of ongoing projects and initiatives.
• Worked with county officials, community leaders, grassroots organizations, and stakeholders to identify and address issues affecting the county.
• Fostered relationships with regional and state agencies to promote cooperation and resource-sharing.
• Represented the county at meetings, events, and public hearings. Advocated for the county's interests to state and federal elected officials and engaged with citizens to gather feedback and input on community issues.
• Managed the county's budget and finances, including reviewing and approving expenditures, monitoring revenues, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations and reporting requirements.
• Reviewed and approved contracts and agreements, including those related to county services, infrastructure, and economic development.
• Negotiated with stakeholders to secure favorable terms and ensure compliance with county policies and regulations.
• Promoted diversity and inclusion through employee training, policy development, and program implementation to reflect the community.
• Devoted significant effort to make government accessible to citizens by simplifying complex topics into language that the public could easily understand.
• Prioritized the appointment of minority women to county boards to ensure representation.
• Represented 105,000 people across 151 square miles, covering Central Wichita, Park City, Valley Center, Kechi, Sedgwick, and Maize.

Hospice Specialist | Kindred Hospice | Aug 2017 - Sep 2018

  • ​Developed and maintained strong relationships with referral sources, addressing any concerns or issues in a timely and professional manner.

  • Served as a trusted liaison between the hospice agency and referral sources, representing the organization in a professional and compassionate manner and fostering positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

  • Collaborated with healthcare professionals across various settings, including hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and private practice physicians, to facilitate hospice referrals and ensure quality end-of-life care for patients and families.

  • Participated in interdisciplinary team meetings and ensured that the hospice team was meeting the unique needs and goals of each referral source.

  • Led business development and education efforts, working closely with healthcare professionals and community partners to promote awareness and understanding of hospice care services and benefits.

  • Regularly reported progress to leadership, providing updates on all referral source activities and sharing insights and recommendations for enhancing service delivery and improving outcomes.



From building and maintaining roads and bridges to providing efficient transit options for both humans and motor vehicles, Lacey Cruse is committed to supporting infrastructure efforts to ensure our community has the best opportunities for growth.


  • Helped secure resources to improve the interaction at 77th and Broadway in Park City. This project, in collaboration with Park City, Valley Center, KDOT, and Sedgwick County, has now transformed a once-dangerous intersection into a place where residents can navigate with ease.

    Ark Valley News in Valley Center covered the story:
    Read Article >


  • She believes that creating access for rural residents is necessary to ensure economic opportunity and is working with partners on a connected county strategy. 


Navigating what could be the greatest global test to health leadership in our lifetime, Lacey Cruse has not shied away from making difficult decisions. From the beginning, she took proactive steps to identify public health leaders who guided county leaders to make decisions based on the best available evidence, always putting the health and wellness of people and our community at the forefront.


  • Asked questions of multiple public health officials.

  • Encouraged respectful discourse. 

  • Monitored multiple data sets to determine the least restrictive measures to keep our community safe, our children in school, and our economy open for business.

  • Fought for $100 million in CARES funds to be allocated to businesses, social service providers and increased pay for first responders and public health professionals who were on the front lines of the pandemic. 

  • Currently working on the disbursement of $100 million in American Rescue Plan funds that focuses on employees, small business owners and social service providers.




A safe and secure community is a top priority for Lacey Cruse. County government is responsible for 911 services, Mental Health Professionals, Emergency Medical Professionals, Fire Protection and the County jail.


  • Deeply focused on funding systems proven to produce best outcomes saving taxpayer dollars and lives. 

  • Committed and taking the lead to shift public safety to a prevention-first mindset.

  • Pushing to fully funding a 24/7 co-responder ICT-1 crisis team.

  • Fighting to retain employees by showing them how valued they are with appropriate compensation.  

  • Actively working with community members to ensure people at the table work together to help those in need before they end up in the criminal justice system, which costs taxpayers far more over the long run.


Lacey Cruse is committed to building an inclusive community that values diversity and equity among all members.


  • Lobbied bipartisan support for policy change for selection of At-Large Commission appointments. This policy eliminated backroom appointments and has created more opportunity for the community to participate on county boards.

  • Secured a seat at the county table for a Lead for America young professional who is now working with diversity and inclusion experts to ensure county government staff and policies and working for and reflecting the community they serve. 

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