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Prism Carnal, Treasurer | PO Box 4753  | Wichita, KS 67204

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Inspired Change

Fresh Ideas • New Perspectives • Transparency

Lacey Cruse Sedgwick County Commissioner District 4

My name is Lacey Cruse I am the Sedgwick County Commissioner for District 4. I’m an everyday mom working to provide the best life possible for my two daughters. It is so vitally important for me to teach them to love and to be loved. Raising children is tough. Working to make ends meet is tiring. But at the end of the day, being kind is easy. ‚Äč



You are important; your family, your business, your goals. People are our community and it is past time our elected officials put us back in the heart of decision making.


Equality Focused

Gender. Age. Race. Ethnicity. All voices have value and deserve equal representation.


Community Empowerment

Empowerment begets change. Financial connections and questionable ethics have driven politics in the past. Tomorrow demands we all work together – we must be the change.

Inspire Others to Inspire Others.