Hi, I'm Lacey


I never thought that one day I would run for political office, but in a way, I was training for it my entire life. I grew up in a small town and learned quickly the meaning of teamwork. As a classically trained musician, I was taught to be an active and present listener. As a marketing director, I learned how to deliver clear and concise information to help families make the best decision for their loved ones. 

I was inspired to run for the Sedgwick County Commission because I started to notice ways that our taxpayer dollars were being spent didn’t always necessarily have the taxpayer in mind. It was time to put people at the heart of our decision-making. So, I launched my campaign in 2018 with the mission to Inspire Others to get involved and get vocal about what they needed from our county officials. 

Hi, I'm Lacey

District 4 County Commissioner

Over the last few years, we’ve accomplished a lot together. Our highlights include...

Inspire Others to Inspire Others.

Energy Efficiency Consultation


  • Passed two budgets without a tax increase

  • Supported the Riverfront Legacy Master Plan to enhance quality of place and economic development

  • Secured $250,000 county energy audit that if implemented could reallocate up to $2 million in funding to other county initiatives

Gathering Informations


  • Secured CARES Funding for nonprofits and small business applications

  • Ensured that minority communities were included in county messaging and actions

Image by Clay Banks


  • Pushed for Sedgwick County Government to hire a diversity and inclusion officer

  • Championed at-large policy changes to include diverse representation for women and minorities on boards. 

  • Created a citizens advisory board to generate outreach to the community

A Walk in Park


  • Secured $125,000 for Senior Services during first budget cycle

  • Purchased the 316 Hotel for short-term housing, addressing our housing crisis in the community

  • Began the conversation to streamline mental health services to increase impact and reduce budget long-term

  • Pushed to restart the ICT1 program after the successful result of pilot program