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Inspiring people one

conversation at a time.

A Multi-Talented Passionate Professional

About Lacey

Lacey Cruse reshaped and reenergized under-represented voices in Kansas when she decided to run for office. As a keynote speaker, author, musician, songwriter, feminist, and advocate for social causes, Cruse raised the heat on issues impacting marginalized communities in efforts to change the trajectory for people and voices left from the table but still on the menu. Now, Cruse is using her leadership and voice to inspire more women and underrepresented voices to seize their space, whatever that space may be, in order to ensure no experience or opportunity is left unheard.

What People Are Saying

Lacey inspired me to create my own path!

After confessing in one of our many conversations that I felt stagnate and frustrated in my career, she helped me open my mind and have the confidence in a new possibility.

- Jordan Walker, CEO Bonfire Strategy

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